Understanding Floor Plans

Once you've selected the community that perfectly fits the life you want for your family, it's time to look at floor plans.

There are a few things to keep in mind once you start looking at plans that help you get more confident and will make this process a fun and exciting one that will help you make the perfect choice.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is a huge difference between the front of a home (the “elevation”) and the actual plan, so telling the builder’s sales representative you want to see a home like the one at 311 Meadow Lane will only get you part of the way there.

Builders usually have several different “elevations” that will work with different plans, so don’t worry too much about the outside of your home. Chances are that once you find the perfect new home plan, the elevation on the home at 311 Meadow Lane will work just fine. Building a home is a lot like baking a cake- the frosting is the last thing you put on it.

You’ve already started finding the perfect plan for your life and you may not even know it. There is a reason that you’ve decided to move. Those reasons that deal with the home (rather than the community) are elements that are important for you to incorporate into your new home. You’ll have a list of “must haves” with you as you begin.

Telling the new home counselor about the elements on this list and the reasons for them will help them eliminate some plans that just won’t work for you lifestyle. If you’ve decided that you need at least four bedrooms, the sales counselor will remove all the three bedroom plans from consideration.

If you want a master down instead of up, or need a home office, media room, second master down stairs, game room, one story or two story, large open kitchen or large laundry room the onsite sales person can help you narrow down your new home plan search. The process that the counselor goes through to determine the best few plans to present to you is called “discovery”. This is where they try and learn everything they can about how you want to live in your new home and help you make the best choice for you.

By this time, you’ve probably walked through the model home with the sales person.

Very often, the model home becomes the most popular in the community. This happens for several reasons.

First, the model home is often a signature or very popular design already for this builder and they know that it will be as popular a selection in the new community.

Second, the model home plan is often the easiest to sell because how the plan will look is easy to see and the sales person doesn’t have to “paint a picture” for the buyer.

Third, even the best sales person will listen to what a home buyer wants and try and make the model fit those needs. This isn’t necessarily a bad approach as the reason that these plans became popular in the first place was because they met the needs of so many shoppers.

Great sales people will listen to your needs and have a few floor plans in mind as they walk you through the model to show you some signature elements of that builder’s homes.


Tom Bevins is Senior Vice President of Hot On! Homes, a new home marketing and advertising company based in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX, with offices in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Colorado Springs, CO.

Contact Tom at tbevins@hotonhomes.com