Before You Go To A Design Center: Things To Think About

When it comes to designing your new home, design centers are an excellent resource. You are able to go and hand-pick every detail with the help of an experienced employee.

Designing your new home should be one of the most fun and exciting parts of the new home buying process. Many design centers agree and try to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. However, if you just jump into it, you could find yourself overwhelmed.

Once the new home is bought and the design center is chosen, many are still uncertain on where to begin. Before you go to the design center, and all throughout the design process, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Know your decorating style. Your ideas should have a common theme. It can be completely unique to you, copy a picture, a place or even a home featured in a magazine. However, having a style that transposes into every room is very important. This creates a unifying bond throughout the home and will tie every room together.

Ask yourself, “How do I want this room to make me feel?” Do you want to be comfortable and relaxed? Or would you rather the room have an energetic effect? This comes into play especially when choosing the paint colors for each room. Once you know the feel and theme of the rooms, then the design center employees will have no problem helping you choose the perfect color to paint your walls and furniture to help you accomplish your dream room.

Make sure there is a continuity of design. The furniture, as well as the color scheme, should tie together. Not all of the rooms need to match, nor should they. However, each room should flow together naturally and have a similar style to create a unified effect. Using the same color tone can also make your home look larger while choosing multiple colors can cause it to appear smaller.

Each room should be functional. Everyone wants their home to be pretty, but it also needs to fit its purpose. This is definitely important to remember when designing your home. You need to take into account kids, parents, grandparents and visitors. Think of who you will be entertaining in your new home and what sort of activities will be going on. If you have young children, you aren’t going to want to have white furniture and white walls.

Likewise, choose floors and furniture that are kid friendly as well.

Anticipate how the family is going to function in the home, if you have pets you might want to consider hardwood floors, if there are elderly visiting a lot, carpet may be nicer. In a similar way, you need to think about the size of your fridge and freezer. If you eat at home a lot, these appliances will need to be bigger rather than smaller, which would be the case if it is only you and your spouse.

Think to yourself, “Will it last?” Although it may be fun to create a room that is trendy and unique, trends change often. When choosing your cabinetry, counter-tops and flooring, ask yourself if what you are selecting today will be something that will still be stylish years from now. If you want to make a room trendier, think about the accessories instead. Throw pillows, area rugs and other decorative touches can add whimsy and are affordable enough to change frequently.

Design centers can be overwhelming and frustrating, however if you take the time to think about these things before you make your appointment, your experience will go a lot smoother. The designer will be able to help you more effectively and you will come out of the design center excited about your new home design.


Article written by: Alex Alford