Builders offer incentives on some homes worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Most new home builders will offer prospective home buyers some amazing incentive to purchase their homes. They can range from the builder offering cash off the price of the home, down payment assistance, and design center upgrades. There is even a builder that will include a pool in the price of their homes! Builders are incredibly creative in their incentives, and it is always worthwhile to ask the builder early on about the incentives they‘re offering new home buyers. Many builder onsite sales representatives will bristle if you begin a conversation asking about incentives, so it is best to learn a little about the home before you get into incentive discussions about incentives with a builder.

Builders advertise their incentives, you can easily discover what a builder is offering by doing a simple internet search or visiting the builder’s website.  Another way to learn about a builder’s home buyer incentives is to register on the builder’s website. Once you do this, you'll receive periodic emails from the builder about sales, grand openings, available homes, limited time discounts, and some great incentives and your email inbox.

Builders will also turn an incentive that you may not want, such as a pool, into one you do want, such as cash off the price of your home or upgraded appliances!

Builders are competitive, and they want your business. You can be sure that if you’re dealing with a production builder or a large regional builder and you’re buying a home in a normal market (as opposed to one that has unusually high demand), you’ll get a great incentive on your new home.  Many times, you’ll find higher incentives from a builder at certain stages of a new home development such as at the very beginning (pre-grand opening), during the official grand opening or when the builder is trying to sell the last few lots or homes in that community (closeout). Some of the highest discounts will be on a builder's "ready to move in" homes. Builder's are especially eager to sell a home that has been completed for awhile and will also offer great deals on homes in less than desirable locations within a community (such as those homes that back up to a railroad track or business). Look for these opportunities to get the biggest discounts.