First-Time Home Buyers now have a new tool to help them find and negotiate the Perfect Deal on the Perfect Home!

Hot On! Homes has released a handy reference guide designed to help fist-time home buyers navigate the complicated landscape of new home shopping and buying. Though this is an exciting time for most first-time buyers, it is also a journey that can be filled with some confusion, intimidation, and anxiety. Hot On! Homes has been helping first-time home buyers for nearly twenty years, and much of that experience goes into this handy guide book. The First-Time Home Buyer's Survival Guide to Buying a New Home gives shoppers the tools and knowledge they need to understand credit scores, mortgage challenges, new home language and terms and energy efficiency and sustainable materials language and sayings they'll encounter as they shop for and eventually buy their new construction home. There are over 800 terms identified in the book and there are answers to hundreds of questions first-time home buyers will encounter from credit companies, mortgage institutions, real estate agents, and new home sales people. And all terms are easy to find in the included index in the back of the book. The First-Time Home Buyer's Survival Guide to Buying a New Home is the one tool every first-time home buyer should have to make sure they get the perfect home at the perfect price.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon and all the profits from the sale of the book are donated to charity.