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Hot On! Homes is the #1 Choice for Local Homes

We’re here to help you find your dream home with inspiring views of
new home communities that take you inside designer homes with
modern features, updated kitchens and floor plans that fit your

It’s About Choice!

Hot On! knows finding the perfect New Home Builder to create your
dream home from the foundation up involves lots of choices. You’ll
decide on everything from the dirt it sits on to the color of the towel
racks in the bathrooms and Hot On! is here to make it easy. We
break down the steps and give you the tools to help you at each
milestone; from finding, buying, and moving into your new home.

See New Homes in Style! We start with Hot On! Homes, the TV
show, where we take you on a tour of the best new home
communities, schools, and builders in your area in less than 30mins.
This gives you an entertaining foundation for your search. But that’s
just part of the Hot On! new home helper experience.

Maps, Videos, & More!

We organize all the best communities and homes in your city at You can search easy to use maps and watch
videos from the show. Save your favorite new home communities
and then set an appointment. We make it convenient and easy to
visit with new home builders all over town. We have a variety of
articles, calculators and helpful tips that clearly explain the steps to
reach your dream home. And don’t miss the New Home Shopper
Market Place where you save on the little things along the way.

Hot On! has New Home Shopper Events!

Our New Home Shopper EXPO gives you the chance to meet all
the new home builders in one room in one evening. We also have New
Home Community events where you can tour the hottest
communities in the area. Once you’re ready to buy, Hot On! has the
largest collection of builder discounts and incentives so you know
you’re saving on your new home.

Hot On! Homes, your trusted new home helper!

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Hot On! Homes is the #1 Choice for Local Homes

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